E-Invoicing solution with ERP

August 3, 2022

E-Invoicing solution integrated with ERP.


E-Invoicing (Electronic Invoicing) is a system in which B2B invoices are authenticated electronically by GST (Goods Services Tax) Network for further use on the common GST portal. All invoice information gets transferred from this portal to both the GST portal and e-way-bill-portal in real-time. Therefore, it eliminates the need for manual data entry while filing GSTR-1 returns and generation of part-A of the e-way bills, as the information is passed directly by the IRP (Invoice Registration Portal) to the GST portal.

Businesses in India will soon need to comply with e-invoicing and the revenue turnover requirements for the compliance is reducing every year. There are a set of designated GSPs (GST Suvidha Providers) who provide software needed for such compliance. These solutions can be integrated with your ERP solution for better compliance and efficiency.

Below is a solution brief of the integration use case with ERP

Solution Brief:

To integrate the ERP system with GSP API there are various transaction scenarios need to be catered for B2B businesses (these are stated below and are part of the e-invoicing solution)

  1. Regular - The movement of goods takes place directly between Consignor and Consignee.
  2. Shipping - The billing takes place between Consignor and Consignee but goods are moved from Consignor to 3rd party as per the request of the Consignee.
  3. Combination - The billing takes place between Consignor and Consignee but goods are moved from Consignor from the 3rd party to a 4th party as per the request of the Consignee. This is a slightly complex scenario and may need some customizations to your ERP system.

Demo of Solution:

  • Create Sales Invoice and call API to get e-invoice details (Below data is used for demo purposes to showcase real time integration with GSP API)

  • For Cancellation of invoice, you would have to cancel the invoice document and then cancel the the e-invoice. To automatically cancel an e-invoice in the IRP, you would have to cancel the e-invoice within 24 hours of issue in the ERP.

  • For Cancellation of invoice after 24 hours, you have to manually cancel the invoice via the e-invoice portal.

  • For upload of bulk invoices, an excel upload facility is also provided in the E-invoicing solution.

If you are looking for E-Invoicing solutions for your business do write in to us with your requirements at hello@openetech.com or call us on: +91-7977831224.

Pawan Mehta
Pawan Mehta

Pawan is the Principal Solution Consultant at Open eTechnologies. He helps enterprises implement various ERP solutions based on their business processes.

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